What’s That Hiding in My Bible!?!

READ Genesis 6:1-4 The most frequent question I get about the recent Noah movie is, “What’s up with those transformer-looking-monsters? Those aren’t in my Bible.” Well, actually they are. Watch this KISS to learn why these creatures are in the Noah movie and what lessons we can learn from them.  

How To Handel The Curse of Ham

READ GENESIS 9:18-29 “If you want something done right…” Rather than merely criticizing Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel for their mishandling of race in the Noah Movie, this KISS Bible Study addresses the complex history of Genesis 9:20-27 in an interpretation that rejects the so called “Curse of Ham” without ignoring race.

The Whole White World

READ GENESIS 10:1-32 The way biblical media usually depicts race in the Bible is just plain wrong. This KISS Bible uses Aronofsky’s Noah movie as a test case to explore the problems with how race appears in biblical media, why it is a big deal, and what we can learn from all this.

Did Noah Do the Right Thing?

READ GENESIS 7:1-24 The Noah movie brings into question Noah’s character, but what about Noah in the Bible itself? Obviously, Aronofsky took a lot of creative license when making the film, but do we have any reason to question if Noah in the Bible was doing the right thing?