READ Genesis 12:10-20, Genesis 20, Genesis 26:1-11 This KISS explores the importance noting humor in the Bible by focusing on a few funny episodes in Genesis. Music – Funny Song –

Adam and Eve & Our Textual Abuse of Women

Read Genesis 2-3 This KISS Bible Study takes us through a look at the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with a particular focus on the issue of gender inequality (complimentarianism as its advocates call it) that has been argued from this story. Of particular importance will be the conclusion were…


READ John 8:1-11 This KISS Bible Study challenges us to think about the question “what did Jesus do?” and the follow up question “how will I react to that?” Cover image from (a great resource, fyi)Music – “slowmotion” –

Everybody Dies

READ Mark 8:31-9:1 This KISS Bible Study teaches us to take a lesson from how Jesus talks about his own death and the death of his followers. Clip – Body and Soul (1947) Music –

Young Jeezus

This KISS Bible Study explores the years of Jesus’ life between his birth and adult ministry so that we can take lessons on how to grow into a person like Jesus. Since the basis for this KISS is conjectures and not actual scriptures about these years in Jesus’ life, there is not a Bible reading…


READ Matthew 14 This KISS Bible Study offers an additional understanding of faith by seeing how Jesus often describes faith in the gospels. Learn about what faith means, what it looks like, and how to apply it to your life.

God’s Got You

READ Psalm 103 This KISS Bible Study explores the concept of the redeemer in the Hebrew Bible and what it means for us to understand God as our redeemer.

Get Yoked Like Jesus

Read Matthew 11:28-30 In this KISS Bible Study, learn what Jesus meant by his “yoke” according to the context of the a first century rabbi. Take this insight and apply it to your life.

Are You the One?

Read Matthew 11:1-6 This KISS Bible Study explores Jesus’ interaction with John’s disciples while John the Baptist is in prison. Not only do we see how important it is to really know the Old Testament in order to get what’s going on in the New Testament, but Jesus also shows us a very tough lesson…

The Kingdom of High School Dropouts

Read Mark 1:16-20 This KISS Bible Study takes into account the Jewish cultural context of Jesus living as a Jewish rabbi in the first century in order to explore one of the ways that he breaks away from conventions of establishing the rabbi disciple relationship. More importantly, we can see what Jesus’ relationship to his…

The Prince of Peace and his Pubescent Posse

READ Matthew 28 and John 21:1-19 This KISS Bible Study corrects a common misconception about Jesus and his disciples. By seeing discipleship according to Jesus’ culture and time we open ourselves up to new dimensions of understanding the New Testament and our calling.

When God Changes God’s Mind

READ THE BOOK OF JONAH! It’s four chapters, it’s interesting, and you’ll be able to say you finished a whole book of the Bible in 10 minutes. This KISS Bible Study explores how Jonah 3 breaks from our philosophical notions of God’s omniscience in order to teach us a profound lesson.

Love and Faithfulness

This KISS Bible Study explores the Proverbs 3:3-4 to show the deeper meaning of the Hebrew language used in this verse and the metaphorical language it employs.

How To Handel The Curse of Ham

READ GENESIS 9:18-29 “If you want something done right…” Rather than merely criticizing Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel for their mishandling of race in the Noah Movie, this KISS Bible Study addresses the complex history of Genesis 9:20-27 in an interpretation that rejects the so called “Curse of Ham” without ignoring race.

Did Noah Do the Right Thing?

READ GENESIS 7:1-24 The Noah movie brings into question Noah’s character, but what about Noah in the Bible itself? Obviously, Aronofsky took a lot of creative license when making the film, but do we have any reason to question if Noah in the Bible was doing the right thing?  

When God Retired His Jersey

READ GENESIS 8:20-9:17 With the new Noah movie coming out, these first five KISS Bible Studies will focus on different elements of the Noah story. Here is the first installment in the series, a chance to look at God’s grace in the covenant after the flood… when God retired his jersey.